US DOD and Bamboo? A commentary by Eric Stevens

 US DOD will be the leader in cleantech energy demand. As part of President Obama's Executive Order of 2009 – mandating a 30% reduction in energy usage and other measures by federal agencies. The military is committed to renewables, at least in theory. 

Last year, Fuel supply companies paid $6.8 million in penalties to the Treasury because they failed to mix a special type of biofuel into their gasoline and diesel as required by law. The Petroleum and Refiners Association claimed there was none available in the marketplace. (New York Times By MATTHEW L. WALD Published: January 9, 2012)

Where does that leave U.S. Carbon emissions and energy independence?? Still in a quagmire. The green industry needs to catch up to the demand. These actions can be interpreted in one of two ways. The US government is giving green an opportunity to fail.. saying private industry could not keep up with the federal demand and regulations. (Probably claimed by many anti-Obama theorists.) OR and more realistically speaking; the government is driving the demand to entice private business to make the upfront investment needed. 

We are. A bamboo project not only commits to growing bamboo on managed plantation in the US, but will kickstart the industry utilizing existing bamboo complemented by an international supply chain gradually switching over to a domestic only supply chain as plantations mature and can be harvested. In addition to energy demands, bamboo will replace many traditional woods and plastics as the industry matures. Energy Independence in Bamboo. - E.S. #theshift #bamboo #abambooproject 


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